Pokemon Permadeath
Chapter 3: There and Back and Gary Again

"Welcome to our pokemon center! Would you like to heal your pokemon to perfect health?" Asked the nurse as the two walked into the pokemon center. A short time later Alister was rested, energetic and ready to continue their journey. As Higgs walked out of the pokemon center a man was running in his direction, yelling. "Hey! You came from Pallet town. You know Prof. Oak, right? His order came in. Can I get you to take it to him?"

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Chapter 2: Route 1

The road to Viridian had always been a safe and peaceful one. “Why the sudden concern from Oak?” Higgs wondered allowed, looking down at Alister’s pokeball in his hand.

"Its okay though, because I have you now Alister, and together, nothing can stop us!" 

The pokeball felt warm, and despite its thick shell, Higgs could feel Alister’s heart beat through the metal.

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Chapter 1: Pallet Town

        The sun shone through the window, a gentle breeze squeezing through the screen making the curtains sway. A boy sat in his room playing video games, his face covered with signs of lack of sleep. He was not exhausted though, he was too excited. He knew that soon, his journey would begin. Soon, he would follow in his fathers foot steps. Even though he had not seen or heard from his father in years, he wanted nothing more than to make him happy. To become the Pokemon champion. Glancing at the clock he noticed the time and ran down stairs. His mother sat silent at the kitchen table, wistfully gazing off into a day dream. As he approached her he heard her say, as if he wasn’t even there “All boys leave home someday. It said so on T.V.”. She turned to the boy. A smile on her face, sincere, yet masking another emotion underneath. “Prof. Oak, next door, was looking for you.” The boy nodded, and ran outside. 

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These are the rules I will be going by for this run. Simple, but leaves room for tragic ending.

When a Pokemon dies, it dies for good (rare candies can be used for reviving due to limited numbers)

Only use items found, no store bought items (including pokeballs)

All pokemon must be nicknamed